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Tina B aka Ms. Ice Interview (Model)

Hey Tina! What’s going on? Please let our readers know who you are and where are you from? Ms. Ice: Hello, My name is Tina B aka Ms. Ice and Im from Burlington, NC

What are your measurements Tina? Ms. Ice: Im a 38-28-44

What are some magazines and/or websites have you been featured on? Ms. Ice: I’ve been a part of ASIS Mag issue 11, Straight Stuntin’ issue 12, I’ve been featured on Cutiecentral.com, Dynastyseries.com (wasabi), 24hourhiphop.com (Ice cream parlor)

So, Tina you are an urban model. How do you feel about the industry and what do you think needs to change? Ms. Ice: Hmmm Urban Modeling is an ok side job. Depending on where you live, you may not really be able to make much money from this. Most magazines don’t pay well. I think there is only one magazine out there that pays the models… But hey, what do I know maybe I haven’t gotten to that level where I can get paid (lol). People should change their negative opinions about urban models. All of the negative comments can turn some new models off and away from wanting to be an urban model.

What’s something that your followers don’t know about you? Ms. Ice: Lets see.. They know that I’m a tomboy and that im Bi… I don’t cook, my boyfriend cooks and I clean (sometimes), and Im a BIG flirt

I’m sure you’ve had many dates. What’s the worse one you’ve been on? Ms. Ice: lol I was on a date with this guy and right when our food comes, his wife walks over and starts going off on him. lolol smh. That did not end well for him. Thank god she went off on the right one (I was too cute to fight that night)

What do you prefer? Spontaneous sex or passionate love-making? And what’s your favorite sex position? Ms. Ice: Spontaneous sex that leads into love-making and on a lazy day I want to spoon (hey I have two jobs)

What gets a girl like yourself wet? Ms. Ice: Hmmmmmm! Mind fucking (energy) meaning 4 play

So, what’s your fantasy? Ms. Ice: To one day be able to have my cake and eat it too.. I would like to have a husband and wife.

Where’s the craziest place you have had sex? Ms. Ice: I would have to say between two cars in the rain (#hoeshit)

What has been your sexiest photoshoot to date? Ms. Ice: Palm Island workshop 2010 (#teampalmisland)

How many tattoos/piercings do you have? would you get your mans name tatted? Ms. Ice: I have two tattoos and only my ears pierced.. and no I would never get a man or womans name tatted on me

Would you pose nude? or have you? Ms. Ice: I’ve only done implied nudity and at this time I would have to say no nudity for me.

Favorite thing to wear when you go to sleep? Ms. Ice: NOTHING !!

What’s something sexually you won’t try? Ms. Ice: Hmmmm! Anal sex… ouch!

What do you prefer- boy shorts/thongs? Ms. Ice: Boy shorts

Any last words Tina? Ms. Ice: To my fans thank you for your love! Follow me on Twitter @nv_msice Im a model that follows back

Myspace.com/ms.ice    Facebook.com/msice143

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